We support you in strategy, implementation, and daily operations in digital lead management. Together, we'll take you to the next level!
Sales Funnel
Do you have your sales funnel under control?

The objective of an optimal lead management process is to guide potential customers (leads) through your sales process ('sales journey') and convert them into paying customers (ROI).

We support you in maximizing conversion rates, the professional use of lead qualification, increasing customer satisfaction, and the efficient use of internal resources.

The success of your 'sales journey' is determined by all three phases of the sales funnel.

Optimally coordinated PROCESSES, close and transparent cooperation between marketing, pre-/inside sales, and sales (ORGANISATION), as well as the use of a professional TOOL SET (marketing automation/CRM), are critical to success.


Who is your target audience? What value can you offer them? Through which channels do you reach your target audience best, and how do you measure the success of your lead generation activities?

Learn more Efficient lead generation requires a clear understanding of the target audience, creating tailored and value-added content, and implementing a smart mix of strategies across relevant (digital) channels.

Together, we will develop your lead generation strategy and generate promising leads within a few days, utilizing the following methods:

  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Positioning / USP Identification
  • Buying Center Analysis
  • Target Audience Definition
  • Content and ad creation
  • Campaign Planning and Management
  • Performance Marketing and Optimization
  • Goal and KPI Definition
  • Marketing Automation Setup

How should you qualify your leads? How can leads be contacted efficiently and promptly? How can the interests and needs of the leads be identified? How do you measure success?

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Poorly or unqualified leads can make your lead generation efforts go to waste. You're wasting budget, and the sales team won't "take over" - rightfully so!

Qualify your leads using the proven Leadwunder method, with an intelligent mix of automation and personal pre-sales activities. We're happy to handle the operations for you!

  • Definition of qualification criteria
  • Automatic nurturing (marketing automation/CRM)
  • Marketing and sales qualification (MQL/SQL)
  • Lead scoring
  • Discovery calling
  • If needed: Building a pre-sales/digital sales unit (in-house or external)

Has the sales team defined its lead requirements? When and how should "hot leads" be handed over? Do you ensure feedback loops and measure performance? Are you already leveraging the opportunities of social selling?

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Valuable leads should be handed over to the sales team in a way that maximizes the chance of conversion!

Together, we will define optimal handover processes and ensure a closed loop, as feedback is crucial for end-to-end lead management. Efficiently utilizing social selling methods will also take your sales team to the next level!

  • Definition of lead requirements
  • Development of handover formats
  • CRM enhancement
  • Definition of feedback processes
  • KPI and performance measurement
  • Social selling coaching
Our all-round carefree solutions for your "quick start" into digital lead management

Are you looking for all-round support, are you just starting your digital transformation or would you like to get straight into digital lead management? No problem, our workshops and pilot projects are designed precisely for this purpose and are constantly being further developed by our experts.

Contents (excerpt)
Analyzing the current status + preparation
  • 360° Lead Management Assessment
  • Interviews with Marketing + Sales
Workshop execution (remote)
  • Presenting analysis results
  • Sharing insights + best practices
  • Developing a strategic vision
  • Deriving (pilot) actions
  • Developing an implementation roadmap
  • Creating business case/forecast

Within 2-3 weeks

Contents (excerpt)
  • Lead Gen campaign planning
  • Channel selection + setup
  • Target audience definition + modeling
  • Content creation ("Lead Magnet"/Ads)
  • Definition of qualification criteria
  • Tool setup/configuration (Marketing Automation/CRM, e.g., HubSpot)
  • Daily operations for Lead Gen/Pre-Sales
  • Handover of "Hot Leads" to Sales
  • Initial onboarding/enabling
  • Comprehensive final report
  • Recommendations for rollout

Within 2-4 months

Contents (excerpt)
  • Continuation of pilot project
  • Rollout for additional products/offers or sales regions
  • Expansion of channels/target groups
  • Conception of inbound strategy
  • MAS/CRM evaluation + tender
  • Further training (ongoing) as needed:
  • Lead Gen Operations/Support
  • Content creation/support
  • Pre-Sales Operations/Support
  • Project/Success Management

As needed + by agreement

Leadwunder Services - individually or in a package!

You know exactly in which area you need strategic, conceptual or operational support? 
Here you will find a selection & overview of our services. We will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you.


  • Status Quo + Needs Analysis
  • Lead Gen Strategy Development
  • Lead Gen Campaign Planning
  • Channel + Campaign Setup
  • Performance Marketing
  • Performance/KPI Measurement
  • Campaign Management
  • Sparring, Enabling + Coaching
  • and much more


  • Status Quo + Needs Analysis
  • Inbound Strategy Conceptualization
  • Content Planning & Creation
  • Creation of Graphics, Text, Video Ads
  • Creation of "Lead Magnets"
  • Content/Service Provider Management
  • Sparring, Enabling + Coaching
  • and much more


  • Status Quo + Needs Analysis
  • Qualification Strategy Conceptualization
  • Lead Nurturing + Scoring Setup
  • Pre-Sales Operations Takeover
  • Performance/KPI Measurement
  • Building Pre-Sales Units (Recruiting)
  • Sparring, Enabling + Coaching
  • and much more


  • Status Quo + Needs Analysis
  • Definition + Prioritization of Use Cases
  • Support for Tool Tenders
  • Technical Implementation Support
  • User Training + Workshops
  • and much more


  • Project Planning + Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Performance/KPI Measurement
  • Workshop Planning + Execution
  • Sparring, Enabling, Coaching
  • and much more


  • Enablement Workshops
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Trainings
  • Creation of Training Materials
  • Creation of Guides/Handbooks
  • Sparring, Enabling + Coaching
  • and much more


We will find the right solution for you!